Its friday night and I’m sat on the sofa thinking about what to write about myself,truth is i don’t really know what to write as Ava Dalush is going through a transition,through this blog you will see this.

It is not an extreme transition but my life has changed Ava has changed, my taste buds have changed somewhat to the things i used to like prior 3yrs ago when i was a young lady at the age of 23 experimenting what the world had for me to dabble in.

Truth is I’m a northern girl from a small town in Nottinghamshire, always had a dream to get out of the council estate and take what the world had whether it was good or bad. Don’t get me wrong i loved growing up where i did and my teen years where full of rascal naughtiness but i always felt detached from the mentality of small town mindedness.

From a young age i used to never rely on my parent, single mother living in a 1900 council house where we had to have a fire burning all year round to heat the water and radiators.

It was hard and seeing my mum struggle to always get me the the best clothes and shoes was hard there was always a women knocking on the door for my mum to pay her the money she owed as she always got stuff on tick, but i couldn’t get why my mum never wanted to work why be on the dole? truth is she had her own issues and she probably did want to work but she was going through her depression and from seeing this i always wanted to work for my money,i never went without but i wanted her to be like my mates parents working at the local shop or something.

In my teens i was always yearning for something i didn’t know what but i always said to myself “I’m gonna have a good life”

I had no idea what kind of good life i wanted i was happy enough working in the local factory and drinking my wages away each weekend having it large on 150 pounds a week minus rent to my mum of 20.

Every now and then  i couldn’t shake just being content with what i had, wasn’t into fucking guys to much and the sex was always shit i was just all about my mates and having a good time right up until i was 22 then overnight i changed i honestly don’t know what happened to my old point of view.

i was thinking of a way of getting out of this town,so long story short had a mega great summer in 2012 and i really was like a dog on heat as the old saying goes, i wanted to completely detach myself from what id known or been safe with, then i ended up in the porn industry with an alter ego called “Ava Dalush” i didn’t expect  to go the way i did but i did and i had a blast the whole time.The industry really moldered me into a focused, business yet happy go lucky lady but i had to be straight to the point as it is a mans world you have to make them believe that anyways as the art is in the tease and nobody pushed it with me as i was straight to the point and men respected that always wether it was business or pleasure.

I have a thirst to change every few years and now I’m going through another shedding my old dreams that i lived and got bored with,now with new skin i.e. a fresher mind set new dreams which i will get.

Living in a new country figuring out my next move in my life path as I’m bored of fucking bored of easy money, i know i can accomplish anything now i saved i didn’t make to many friends in the industry as it was just business nothing else i didn’t mingle to much so its easy to let it go if you know yourself so through this blog id like people to see the things I’m interested in, the new projects i have up my sleeve and the new ideas or ventures i that i haven’t even thought of or done yet.

So get to know me and lets see where my blog takes us.


  1. Luis · October 19, 2015

    Very good read. I hope whatever venture you get in to gets the most out of you. Also as a fellow actor if you have any projects or ideas I would love the opportunity to work with you. Good luck.

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  2. marc · October 20, 2015

    It is alot that you ask of men, who by the nature god gave them, look at women, who use the beauty that god gave them, to lead and entertain, which blinds the men from seeing anything but sexual desire.
    And it is alot you ask from yourself to escape the easy money and the attention that are so entoxicating.
    The battle to be true to oneself, to listen to your heart and to be strong and brave enough to follow its guidance is a
    something that few men or women win. but victory here has the reward of a wonderful and fulfilling life.
    Most people never even contemplate taking this path.
    I salute a fellow warrior. xxx Marc

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  3. Kevin Auld · October 20, 2015

    Good read. I became aware of you long ago on Purpleport, long before finding out about your day job. Always wanted to shoot you, but I guess those chances are gone and faded now. Your writing is suitably impressive also, like a cross between nick cave and jack kerouac, Anyway, keep it up, look forward to more.

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  4. Andy · November 16, 2015

    Hello there 🙂
    Could you message me as I’d like to discuss a writing project with you.
    Something with a lot of potential.
    Hope all’s well.


  5. Stephen · December 3, 2015

    The first time I ever saw you on screen, it seemed like you always had more going on behind your eyes. Finding your twitter it was apparent that was correct. Your insides match your outsides. The B&W photographs of you are spectacular. I don’t think I’ve seen one that didn’t strike me as beautiful and artistic. Your retro styling is fantastic, and compliments you well. I hope you are having fun, because it looks like you are having fun. The mid 20’s are interesting when trying to figure yourself out. Stay positive lady.


  6. Jolson · January 6, 2016

    What honest and inspiring thoughts. The truth is we never stop growing or learning or at least we shouldn’t. If you ever fancy some book recommendations I’m more than happy to oblige. If you enjoyed ‘Junky’ by William Burroughs try ‘Cain’s Book’ by Alexander Trocchi. Similar subject matter but more dream-like and lyrical. Also on the art-front check out Henry Darger. He was completely unknown in his lifetime but produced thousands of artworks. Love your energy. Stick at it! wednesdayrain33@gmail.com


  7. Paul · February 19, 2017

    Interesting read. Interesting path. Follow it. Take another path. It will lead somewhere. And when possible: create your own path. Money is a facilitator and not a goal by itself. In the end the memories last. If you make sure your can collect and keep them. So try to stay mentally healthy as long as you can be and enjoy the ride.


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