Was blinded of the true nature of a not so “colorblind America”

Now I love history and I’ve been upping my game on the “Americas”history.  I’ve always been interested in how the whole becoming of the “United States of America”, it’s a dirty history. now it seems that history from the 20th (1900s) century got a lot more complicated and soo sophisticated. I knew about the Jim Crow law a little and thought once the civil war was over it just got dismantled. This isn’t the case. This book is blowing my mind chapter by chapter, it’s giving me a whole new view of America. “Freedom for all?” I don’t know about this….. There’s good changes happening, don’t get me wrong but I feel there’s a lot of sinister strategy keeping each color groups apart.


  1. karlj53 · September 4, 2016

    Jim Crow is after the civil war. When Southern Slave owner become disappointed that they lost all there land and wealth. It was a law that the supreme court deemed legal cause the only separated black and white from each other hence separate but equal. It wasn’t abolished til 1965.


    • avadalush · September 15, 2016

      Well my history on the Americas was so Wrong, England we don’t get to much knowledge on USA history. So I’m getting to know it.


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