Tricky dicky # Richard Nixon.

So I’m new to America values and politics. I’ve been reading a little about Americas part in the viet nam war,as all I knew was the French had control on the war. That really wasn’t the case. Anyways I wanted to understand the part America played in distroying the country. So first off I’m getting to know “tricky dicky” and tricky he is. 

Was blinded of the true nature of a not so “colorblind America”

Now I love history and I’ve been upping my game on the “Americas”history.  I’ve always been interested in how the whole becoming of the “United States of America”, it’s a dirty history. now it seems that history from the 20th (1900s) century got a lot more complicated and soo sophisticated. I knew about the Jim Crow law a little and thought once the civil war was over it just got dismantled. This isn’t the case. This book is blowing my mind chapter by chapter, it’s giving me a whole new view of America. “Freedom for all?” I don’t know about this….. There’s good changes happening, don’t get me wrong but I feel there’s a lot of sinister strategy keeping each color groups apart.