After this book I need to lay off war for a while.

i have to say these past two weeks have become so mentally draining due to constantly reading and thinking about war. I don’t know how presidents/ prime ministers sleep. They have a hard job and I completely understand now what we are trying to defeat “terrorism” and I have to say we don’t see much light on the Middel east wanting to be like the western world but we are pirates and we will take and fight until we’ve wrecked and drained the place and that’s what’s happening now and these extremist groups will keep poping up until there isn’t a race living there anymore, but in the meantime they have started groups all over Europe and America to fight for sharia law.  


Will the “selfie” ever go out of fashion?

It’s very strange as I’m only truly comfortable with taking selfies with my clothes off. But there’s so many of me with no clothes on,I want to show off my clothes now but I find it so hard taking a selfie with clothes on. So I’m practicing selfies with clothes on. I know this is such an interesting post… I know it’s shit but I like my clothes so I wanna show them off and of course myself!


Sneaky peak at my beautiful ugly side.

 project fiction/ non fiction…. Alright so me and a fellow artist/sculpture/ photographer are collaborating together on a delightful dark book.and we’ve been experimenting on my face and I’ve been doing well… Getting my spray painting on!these I don’t know if they’ll be used as I was using these as testers as I don’t plan what I’m doing with the faces I just pick a spray can n then just flow n see what I turn out with.


Forcefully educating myself on…..The Bush administration.

I know I haven’t been posting a lot as,well I’m doing projects here n there while having a I’m juggling around and finding my current beat if you will. Anyways I’ve always been into a bit of war, I mean my dad was a high up sergeant and my mother was in the TA, bish, bash, bosh I was made.The thing that got me was the 9/11 terrorist attack and I can still remember coming home from my first week at big school(year 8) and being fixated on the bbc news until I had to go to bed. And I saved all the newspapers from the next day till maybe November time.

Anyways there’s so many people with opinions and most don’t ever know what they are talking about and I don’t want to be in that category! So I decided to save the gulf war for another time and so I’ve started on the Al Qaeda/ saddam/ bush Administation situation.To kinda get an understanding on the Isis and the Middel east as a whole as its all mingled and connected together.