Project plaster tits 

Won’t lie I’m in limbo I struggle to get creative as when your happy and life is clear it’s hard for me to get creative and push myself.

Don’t get me wrong I love being happy n clear, it’s a stress as I feel I’m being lazy I suppose I’m marinading in love…. But with love I decided to make a mold of my tits and with this came an idea of he that I should make something out of these. I am not saying what is going to evolve from this mold but it’s going to be bright.  


Bed time read.

I can’t get enough of reading about history but reading about inventions is extremely enlightening.since the 20th century (Industrial Age) to now it blows my mind on how fast we’ve evolved with technology. Too fast perhaps.   

Seaside read 

Never was a reader until about 2years, I love to read whatever chance I get even on the loo you’ll find me with a book.junkie is a beautifully written book about a junkie pusha who’s life revolves around finding the next hit, getting clean then starting again and being a homosexual. I’m only half way through the book so this is all I know, I’ll be through with this book this week!