Memorie lane called broom hill lane/brownlow road 

From the age of 5-14 a grow up on a crime ridden lane which was the best yet most stressful time growing but was pure rascalness dabbling in speed casing trouble fighting with our parents smoking bongs in sheds or at the local dealers place, we were a 11 girls gang called “HOLDIES” I suppose coz all we had was each other as most of our parents seemed to be going through issues so we had to fend for ourselves and believe it or not all the girls have grown into strong minded women so coming from bad parenting does sometimes makes positive good adults … Well in time it does.

On this street pure crazy situations happened sometimes when a chat to my mates and we reminisce some of the situations I don’t remember and a dunno if I blocked them out or I was so high?Nowadays I haven’t touched nothing I’m a square a don’t like drinking or anything I suppose when you smash it from 14-21 you grow out of it.

I tuck these pics before it got fully tore down as it was a bad era, I wanted to keep these pics with me as that place and that shit us girls had to deal with makes me smile as it’s made me so strong the girls strong too. I wouldn’t change the past maybe I would of changed being a gobby cunt but that’s how you had to be I suppose.   


Lost women.

Ava II18772 Ava II19088

The joy i get making myself look a mess, i never got a kick at posing sexing in photos i think because theres like 7 poses and 3 face poses a mean thats all i have anyways, but with being messed up looking as hideous as i can brings out so much personality of a character in just a photo, a photographer brought this out, which only started as painting my body white and asking me to use my body in unsexy poses, at first i found it so hard not to pose sexy,it really was a challenge to me, then once i saw the finishing piece i loved how hideous i looked.i can’t act i can’t sing but i can act while taking photos.

Wig lovin.

MIKE6430MIKE6437From a small age I’ve loved to dress up and this has followed me into adulthood.the fact that all you need is a wig to change your whole persona amazes me and with wigs i love to play helpless, lost, unloved characters in my projects.the fact is,is that I’ve been around so many personality and so many just wanted love but they couldn’t see that they need to love themselves to be loved instead they flow along in life feeling sorry for themselves, sabotage anything good and end up back on their own thinking that the world owes them something they loose their children, their minds  they loose control because they can’t see just how selfish they are by wanting in love in the wrong way, I’ve come across a few and i try and think in their shoes but it brings out a hatred and in the pics i want to make the viewer see how no matter how pretty you think you are your just a messed up dirty soul who doesn’t want to be helped. i know its deep but i love to play messed up characters i want to look hideous i want to feel self loathing as in real life I’m far from it and playing these characters in my projects it keeps my love of  life and loving those who i have in my life.

Undercover booty.

Photo on 10-21-15 at 10.50 AMOne saying goes “Small things come in small packages” this isn’t my case yes i am 5ft but out of nowhere i have this undercover booty, i say undercover because nobody really knows whats hiding beneath my jeans.i like to conceal my body in everyday life, i wish i could be the girl wearing short shorts in the street but i can’t push myself to do it unless I’m in front of the camera getting paid, i suppose being in front of the camera working it makes it 100% easy to flaunt.

Made up for seduction.

MIKE5242Strangely enough this is pretty much a reenactment of the start of my professional career in the adult business.For a while I started to think to myself could I use my body,could i let someone use my body? would it matter how I chose to use my body ? It wasn’t to be loved as I know myself and i wasn’t looking for love I was looking for excitement and I wanted to test my body and mind, and the only way was to try out and be an exclusive purchase.I never had any influences about my career path it just came natural to mind.

natural flowers

MIKE6849 Somewhere dusty & secluded, part of a personal project. i have a liking for dirty drabbey motels as they seem to hold a lot of curious wonder as to what goes on behind closed doors.

In this snap I’m about to start and get myself made up and get into character for this photo shoot.

I enter the motel room looking natural, no makeup, I’m bare, the flowers represent beauty, cleaness and innocents.

But all innocents leaves once leaving the room made up and ready for service.